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October 3, 2022

7 Reasons for Vein Treatment Westminster

Contrary to popular belief, vein problems are more than just a cosmetic issue. Over 30 million American’s suffer from venous disease but only 10% seek vein […]
September 26, 2022

What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

Restless legs syndrome is an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. It can be uncomfortable and significantly impact quality of life. Here’s what you need to […]
May 8, 2022

When is it Time to See a Restless Leg Syndrome Specialist?

With more than three million cases reported each year, you’d think restless leg syndrome (RLS) would receive more attention. While it may not be a hot […]
June 2, 2021

Do You Have Restless Leg Syndrome, and How to Treat It If So?

Are the strange feelings in your legs disturbing your sleep? If you suffer from restless leg syndrome (RLS), they most likely are. RLS can cause a host of irritating symptoms that keep you up all night and drive you crazy during the day, too. If you have restless leg syndrome, how to treat it is your top priority!