Age Spot Treatment in Maryland

What are age spots? They’re blemishes on the skin, sometimes called liver spots, that appear as brown or black rounded patches of skin.

Though age spots are not cancerous in nature, and not necessarily a health concern, many individuals find them to be an aesthetic concern and want them removed to improve their self-esteem.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spots are caused by melanin. More specifically, age spots are caused by too much melanin. Various factors can cause your skin to produce too much melanin–though oftentimes increased exposure to sunlight is an underlying factor.

Because of this, certain parts of your body are more susceptible to age spots, such as your face, the back of your hands, your shoulders, your upperback, and your forearms.

As the name implies, age spots are more common in older people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop age spots when you’re younger. Those who spend more time exposed to the sun generally are at higher risk for age spots.Age Spots

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Age Spots?

The first thing you can do is minimize your risk for age spots. This means spending less time in the sun, and not smoking.

As far as treatment, there are creams available to be applied topically that can improve the appearance of age spots. Over the counter creams exist, and stronger prescription screams exist as well.

A number of cosmetic treatments exist to get rid of age spots as well. This includes laser treatments that can destroy melanin producing cells, and chemical peels and dermabrasion that will damage the outer layer of skin and facilitate collagen synthesis (leading to the growth of new skin).

If you have age spots and want to get rid of them, you have a number options for treating them and preventing new spots from forming.

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