Sclerotherapy in Maryland

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic treatment designed to obliterate spider veins or varicose veins–swollen blood vessels that patients often find unsightly.

The prefix sclero refers to the sclerosant, a chemical injected into the vein to destroy it.

How These Swollen Vessels Develop

Blood flow in veins goes in one direction: from your tissues back to your heart, and valves in your veins facilitate this flow of blood. But when these valves stop functioning properly, blood collects in the veins, leading to their bulbous appearance.

There are a variety of factors that lead to developing spider veins or varicose veins. Individuals can be genetically predisposed to these conditions.

Hormones can play a large role–puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can increase risk for developing enlarged veins.

Occupations that involve a lot of standing, and conditions that cause increased pressure in the abdomen can also predispose you to these conditions.Sclerotherapy Maryland

When to Consider Sclerotherapy

Many patients interested in Sclerotherapy are interested for purely cosmetic reasons, but there are also medical reasons to receive the treatment. Many individuals with varicose veins feel achiness or heaviness in their legs, and are at risk for leg ulcers.

In general, the condition of not having enough blood flow through the veins is called venous insufficiency. It can be diagnosed with venograms or Duplex ultrasounds.

This condition can be treated with Sclerotherapy, though patients might consider simply purchasing compression socks which are also available at any Vein Center of Maryland location.

The actual vein treating session of Sclerotherapy takes about half an hour, and multiple veins can be treated in one session. Immediately following the procedure, cramping may be experienced but a complete post-treatment informational sheet will be provided to you.

Are you a good candidate for Sclerotherapy? It’s worth doing your research to find out if there may be medical benefits as well as cosmetic benefits.

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