The Importance of Compression Stockings After Vein Treatment

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The Importance of Compression Stockings After Vein Treatment

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There are many reasons why you should wear compression stockings after your vein treatment.

Post Procedure Assistance

Although cumbersome, your compression stockings can help to lessen the post procedure pain and bruising that many experience.

In fact, there are many studies which prove that stockings are the best bet when combating pain and bruising following your vein treatment.

 How Do These Stockings Work?

Compression stockings work by pushing blood up through the veins in the intended direction.

The nature of these stockings is such that they are typically tighter around the bottom of the socks and looser at the top.

The build of the stocking works to prevent your blood from pooling and encourages your blood to move upwards as intended.

Why Are Compression Stockings Important After Vein Treatment?

In the days following your treatment, your veins will need assistance as they return to proper functioning.

Compression stockings are able to provide excellent assistance to restore your veins to their origional purpose.

Other Benefits of Compression Stockings

Many do not realize that stockings are also beneficial for limiting venous reflux and the associated pain with that condition.

These socks are also able to prevent blood clots and are ideal for individuals who sit or stand for long periods of time.

Finding Your Right Compression Stockings

It is best to work with your doctor in order to find the best compression stockings to meet your individual needs.

However, most patients tend to use the knee high sock style.

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