Treating Spider Veins in the Feet and Ankles

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Treating Spider Veins in the Feet and Ankles

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Although most commonly associated in the legs and thighs, many doctors are finding themselves also treating spider veins in the feet and ankles.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are dark, thin veins which appear in a web-like cluster on the surface of your skin.

Approximately 60 percent of adults are currently suffering from spider veins.

This issue is also especially common for women following their child birthing years.

What are the Risk Factors of Spider Veins?

Spider veins can be caused by many reasons.

If you have a family history of spider veins, or if you are pregnant, have experienced weight gain or if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may be prone to developing spider veins.

Treating Spider Veins in the Feet and Ankles

If you develop spider veins in your feet or your ankles, you should contact your local vein specialist.

In most cases, your doctor will recommend lifestyle changes, or applying a massaging technique to the affected area.

Alternatively, if you have a more serious issue your doctor may recommend laser therapy to treat spider veins in the feet and ankles.

Lifestyle Changes

These are some of the most commonly recommended lifestyle changed to combat spider veins in the feet or ankles:

  • Wear compression stockings to ensure proper blood flow and encourage blood circulation.
  • Elevating your legs above your heart when sitting to increase circulation.
  • Avoidance of standing, particularly for long periods of time.
  • When you must stand, performing a calf muscle exercise regularly to increase circulation.
  • Massaging the affected area with lotion or oil.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the the most effective way to remove spider veins.

That being said, many doctors also recommend sclerotherapy. As we specialize in all types of leg veins, we also excel in both laser therapy and sclerotherapy.

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