When is it Time to See a Restless Leg Syndrome Specialist?

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When is it Time to See a Restless Leg Syndrome Specialist?

With more than three million cases reported each year, you’d think restless leg syndrome (RLS) would receive more attention. While it may not be a hot button concern for many Americans, when you do suffer from RLS, you’ll likely have a bunch of questions. When is it time to see a restless leg syndrome specialist in Bel Air, MD? What causes this condition? Where can you find great treatment? Keep reading to find out answers to these important questions.

3 Signs It’s Time to See a Restless Leg Syndrome Specialist in Bel Air

Below are three symptoms of restless leg syndrome that indicate you should find a specialist in Bel Air, MD, to help treat your discomfort.

1) A Strong, Uncontrollable Urge to Move Your Legs

This is the overall symptom that determines whether you have restless leg syndrome. As the name suggests, your legs feel restless, and you have an urge to move your legs. This includes bouncing your legs, pacing, or stretching, and you find temporary relief when you can perform these actions.

2) Sensations Such as Pulling, Throbbing or Itching in Your Legs

Many patients report feeling strange and uncomfortable sensations deep in the affected limb. These sensations include aching, itching, throbbing, pulling, and creeping, or even being described as electric.

3) Nighttime Leg Twitching is the Norm for You

Patients with restless leg syndrome may find that their symptoms are worse in the evening, and that they even experience leg movements in their sleep, potentially disrupting their sleep. Symptoms also occur when resting while sitting or lying down.

Understanding Restless Leg Syndrome

There’s no one specific cause of RLS. While suspected this condition is caused by a chemical imbalance, potential factors include pregnancy, genetics, iron deficiency, or spinal cord conditions. Visiting with an restless leg syndrome specialist in Bel Air will help you to determine both underlying cause and suitable treatment.

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