Vein Disease

December 9, 2022

What is Vein Mapping?

Vein mapping uses ultrasound imaging to see the inside of your blood vessels and create a map of your arteries and veins. This also shows any […]
October 19, 2022

Benefits of Seeing a Leg Vein Specialist in Bel Air

If you have noticed concerning signs or symptoms, you may be considering a leg vein specialist in Bel Air. At The Vein Center of Maryland, we […]
September 30, 2020

Are You Suffering from Vein Disease?

Are you suffering from vein disease? If so, and you are left untreated, you are at risk to develop serious leg conditions such as leg ulcers […]
September 30, 2020

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Why It’s So Dangerous

If you know what deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is, it’s not hard to see why it can be so dangerous to your health. After all, DVT […]