Will My Insurance Cover Vein Surgery or Other Treatments for Spider and Varicose Veins?

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December 22, 2020
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Will My Insurance Cover Vein Surgery or Other Treatments for Spider and Varicose Veins?

Firstly, What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Venous Disease?

Venous disease is a chronically progressive disorder in which varicose and / or spider veins develop. Spider veins are bluish in color and are directly under the skin with a spider leg appearance.

Varicose veins are curved blood vessels that are superficial and caused by the valves in the veins becoming damaged. The early signs of venous disease are heaviness, fatigue, itching and pain. If treated early, we can slow the long term effects of venous disease, such as swelling, skin changes and ulceration.

If You’re Worried About Will My Insurance Cover Vein Surgery, Conservative Treatments May Help You Avoid Surgery.

It is important to understand which treatment options are available. Depending on the severity, conservative treatment is a good first step.

This includes compression stockings, elevation, and pain relievers for pain and inflammation. This serves as the starting point for you and your physician to develop a treatment plan that provides you the best source of relief and helps prevent long term effects. 

You Have Treatment Options When Conservative Methods Don’t Work, Which May Include Surgery.

If conservative treatment has not helped to alleviate symptoms, more in-depth treatment may be needed. These options include sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation or VenaSeal.

Sclerotherapy is ideal to treat spider veins and is a foam solution injected directly into the vein. Radiofrequency ablation and VenaSeal procedures are more in-depth, sealing off venous supply to varicose veins themselves. At this point, you may find yourself asking, “Will my insurance cover vein surgery?” 

Unfortunately, the answer is not cut and dry. In many cases, your health insurance company will cover surgery and other vein treatments when they are considered medically necessary.

However, you should determine whether your treatment will be covered even if they are necessary before you schedule surgery. If your surgery is strictly for cosmetic reasons, it likely will not be covered.

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