Will Insurance Cover My Vein Treatments?

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January 22, 2022
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Making the decision to see a vein specialist is an important one. It’s impossible to tell without a proper exam if your vein issues are simply cosmetic such as spider veins or due to a medical condition. It’s also important to know what this visit means to you financially. Wondering, “Will insurance cover my vein treatments?” is a perfectly normal thing to consider. Here are some factors to know when making your decision.

Your Insurance Company Decides the Criteria for What Is and Is Not Medically Necessary

Cosmetic treatments are rarely if ever covered by insurance, but your insurance carrier should cover medical treatments. Most insurance carriers already have their criteria laid out, but not all carriers will be the same. The key to insurance coverage of vein treatments is symptoms.

What Kinds of Symptoms Require Medical Vein Treatments?

Not liking the appearance of spider veins won’t count, but if a vein is externally bleeding, you’ll likely need medical treatment. Other symptoms of serious conditions include intense pain, swelling, constant leg fatigue, heaviness, itching, persistent night cramps, and restless legs.

Those symptoms, along with discoloration, bleeding, and ulceration, all indicate the possibility of venous diseases which require medical treatment.

So, How Can I Find an Answer to My Question, “Will My Insurance Cover Vein Treatments?”

It’s a good idea to contact your insurance carrier before your visit to find out if your exam and any necessary testing will be covered. It is important to remember this when answering, “Will my insurance cover vein treatments?” The only way to find out if you need medical treatment is with an exam. After your exam, have a discussion with your vein specialist and insurance carrier before proceeding with treatment.

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