Why You Should See a Vein Specialist About Restless Legs

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Why You Should See a Vein Specialist About Restless Legs

There are many reasons why you should see a vein specialist about RLS in Maryland, aka restless leg syndrome. 

What you may first notice as involuntarily leg shaking under your desk or table, may become more distracting and can even affect your sleep cycle. 

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome occurs in individuals who experience feelings of discomfort which compels them to move their legs. 

Most people who experience this sensation seem to feel the urge to move throughout the day. 

However, restless leg syndrome is most commonly experienced while sitting or sleeping. 

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome?

There are believed to be many causes for restless leg syndrome, including the following:

  • Physiological
  • Mental reasons
  • Low iron levels
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • Venous reflux
  • Medication side effect
  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Opioid withdrawal
  • Genetics
  • ADHD

Sleep and RLS in Maryland

Restless leg syndrome can greatly affect your sleep cycle as it can keep you up at night and prevent you from getting a good night of sleep.

Lack of sleep can lead to many issues including fatigue, irritability, depression, and anxiety.

Treating RLS in Maryland

If you are experiencing restless leg syndrome, you might want to consider seeing a doctor for help dealing with this uncomfortable condition.

Your doctor can help to identify the best treatment plan based on your lifestyle.

Common treatment plans include lifestyle changes, medication, or even vein treatments.

Schedule a Consult for Your Restless Legs

At The Vein Center of Maryland, we can identify if your restless leg syndrome is a symptom of a vascular condition that needs to be treated by a vein specialist.

If your leg veins are compromised, they may not be adequately carrying blood to your heart.

This can present a risk for more serious conditions down the road.

If you are experiencing RLS in Maryland, call us today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team, (410) 970-2314.