The Benefits of Compression Therapy in Maryland

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The Benefits of Compression Therapy in Maryland

The benefits of compression therapy in Maryland are simple and effective.

In fact, it is as easy as adding a pair of stockings to your daily wardrobe.

What is Compression Therapy in Maryland?

The goal of compression therapy in Maryland is to strengthen vein support by increasing the blood flow throughout your lower limbs.

Compression stockings are specifically designed to perform this function by applying pressure to your legs and ankles.

Compression Stockings

Generally, you can expect compression stockings to be an elastic based item that targets the ankle and works upwards to promote proper circulation.

These stockings are a simple and effective way to reduce pain and swelling that many experience due to venous disease.

Stockings typically come in different compression levels and styles based on the needs of the patient.

Who Needs Compression Therapy in Maryland?

Compression stockings are a recommended treatment option for people suffering from pressure on the leg veins.

This pressure buildup can impact blood flow, and even result in the pooling of blood in the legs.

Individuals with the following conditions are commonly associated as high risk for venous diseases:

  • Leg surgery patients
  • Leg injury patients
  • Those who have experienced excessive weight gain
  • Obesity
  • Those who live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Blood clot patients

If left untreated, chronic vein diseases can lead to spider veins, dilated veins, chronic pain, and aching.

If you are experiencing discomfort in your legs, you should meet with a vein doctor before it becomes a more serious issue.

Schedule a Free Vein Consultation in Maryland

At our offices, we can identify what is causing your discomfort, and we may be able to recommend compression therapy in Maryland as a viable treatment option.

Our team of vein doctors are trained to decide the proper amount of compression stockings which are needed based on your individual case.

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