What to Do About Leg Pain When Sitting (and Other Leg Pain)

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September 7, 2021
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What to Do About Leg Pain When Sitting (and Other Leg Pain)

In some cases, leg pain when sitting may not mean anything. However, certain types of leg pain (especially when it is recurring) may be indicative of a deeper underlying health condition.

Learn about the most common types of leg pain and the signs that show it may be time to call a specialist.

Shin Splints

Pain in the front of the leg or the knee is generally classified as a shin splint and generally happens as a result of overuse especially when associated with exercise or physical activity.

Prevent shin splints by taking vitamin D and stretching before exercise sessions.

Leg Pain When Sitting

Leg pain when sitting or standing for a long period of time may suggest fluid buildup in the leg veins and require the attention of a vein specialist.

Growing Pains

Pain due to growth spurts happens frequently in children as they grow and is a normal occurrence. Try to manage your child’s leg pain with ice, pain reliever medication, and stretching.

Thigh Pain

Thigh pain is common for those whose profession requires that they wear heavy belts such as police officers or construction workers.

It is believed that the belt may place pressure on the nerve surrounding the hip which radiates down the leg.

A vein doctor may be a great person to contact to learn strategies to combat this frustrating issue.

Pain Down the Back of the Legs

Pressure on the sciatic nerve may cause pressure that runs down the back of the legs.

This can occur to something as mundane as carrying your wallet in your back pocket. To be safe, always contact your local vein doctor for lifestyle changes that can address your pain.

Who to Call for Leg Pain While Sitting and Other Leg Pain

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