DVT Questions to Ask Your Doctor

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DVT Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Today we are covering the top DVT questions to have prepared during your next visit to your local vein doctor.

What is DVT?

DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis and occurs when there is a blood clot deep within your veins.

Is DVT Dangerous?

The main reason why DVT is dangerous is that if the blood clot breaks away and reaches your lungs it can cause a pulmonary embolism which can be fatal.

How is a DVT Diagnosed?

Initial signs of a DVT include pain, swelling, redness, or soreness in one or both legs.

However, a doctor will be the person to diagnose through a physical exam and an ultrasound among other tests.

What Causes a DVT?

Blood clots may be caused for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is in patients who sit for long periods of time without moving their legs such as on an airplane or long car ride.

Smokers and women taking hormonal medications are also more likely to develop clots in the legs.

What are the Best Treatments for DVT?

If diagnosed with a DVT your doctor will likely start you on a blood thinner to stop the clot from growing and to prevent and future clots from forming.

How Long Do You Need to Be on Blood Thinners for DVT?

The duration for how long you need to be on a blood thinner will depend on the severity of your clot. However, the average treatment time is around 6 months.

What are the Side Effects After DVT?

Is it possible that you may experience some pain, swelling or even changes in skin color following a blood clot.

Can I Exercise During DVT Treatments?

In general, you should plan on taking it easy during your treatment. However, walking is usually fine.

I Have More DVT Questions, Who Should I Call?

If you believe you may have a DVT it is time to call the professionals at The Vein Center of Maryland. Call now to speak with a member of our team, (410)970-2314.