Varicose Vein Reduction in Bel Air (How Does it Work?)

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Varicose Vein Reduction in Bel Air (How Does it Work?)

There is a common misconception that varicose vein reduction (or removal) requires extensive, painful surgery and a lot of downtime for recovery. The truth is varicose vein reduction in Bel Air, MD, has never been easier. If you are facing treatment, here are some facts you should know. 

You Have Several Available Treatment Options

If your varicose veins are severe, then surgery might be necessary. But with most patients, that isn’t the case. You may only require lifestyle changes and the implementation of at-home techniques aimed at reducing varicose veins and symptoms. 

If you do require treatment, however, options like sclerotherapy and laser therapy have proven incredibly successful amongst our patient population. 

How is Vein Reduction Virtually Painless?

Great leaps in modern technology have made treatments safe and minimally invasive. Because veins have no nerve endings and blood flow is naturally rerouted to healthy veins, you shouldn’t anticipate any intense pain. You should also know that your vein specialist is going to take great care to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

What About Recovery After Varicose Vein Reduction in Bel Air, MD?

It’s a lot less complicated than you might think! Gentle and minimally invasive, varicose vein reduction allows you to leave the same day. In fact, you’ll easily be able to resume your normal daily activities fairly quickly, and any discomfort you do experience can typically be managed with an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever. 

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