A Guide to Varicose Vein Recovery

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Many patients who undergo treatment for varicose veins in Columbia, MD, need a guide to varicose vein recovery, even when they have been given explicit instructions by their treating physician. 

Our team of vein experts has put together a list of the top things you can do to aid in your varicose vein recovery. 

The Ultimate Guide to Varicose Vein Recovery

Explore this comprehensive list, below. 

Speak with Your Doctor

The most important way to prepare to recover from your varicose vein procedure is to meet with your doctor to discuss the best ways to prepare for your procedure and its recovery. 

Be sure to ask many questions so that you have a complete understanding of the type of surgery you are having and the best practices to aid in the recovery process. 

Lifestyle Changes Can Aid in Varicose Vein Recovery

There are many lifestyle changes that can help you during the recovery period. 

Your doctor may recommend that you refrain from smoking or taking certain medications that have the potential to thin the blood

Schedule a Ride Home

You should plan ahead to have someone ready to take you home following your surgery as you will likely be groggy from anesthesia. 

Many doctors recommend that you stay in the back of the car during your ride home so that you are able to stretch out your legs and so that you have assistance entering and exiting the car. 

Additionally, it is wise to have someone available in your home for 24 hours after your procedure to help you if you need help.

Pain Management

You can expect that you will be sleepy and sore during the recovery process. 

Talk to your doctor about a medication and icing schedule to help manage your discomfort. 

Another essential for managing your recovery, compression stockings help aid in limiting venous reflux and the associated pain.

Keep the Blood Flowing for Proper Varicose Vein Recovery

Stretching and light exercise such as walking around your living room is essential to help to keep a healthy blood flow throughout your recovery. 

Schedule a Consult to Treat Your Varicose Veins in Columbia

If you have questions about the best practices during your varicose vein recovery, or if you’re interested in scheduling a treatment for varicose veins in Columbia, MD, contact our office today!