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Upper Endoscopy Maryland

Doctors are unable to diagnose conditions affecting the digestive system, esophagus and stomach without actually checking those insides for themselves. So, that’s where an upper endoscopy Maryland comes in.

Medically termed a esophagogastroduodenoscopy, but thankfully more commonly known as a upper endoscopy Maryland, the procedure is made up of a tiny camera at the end of a long, pliable tube that is inserted through the mouth and allows doctors to examine up close and personal the insides of their patients.

What’s the Reason for an Upper Endoscopy?

If a patient is experiencing abdominal pain, vomiting or difficulty swallowing, this procedure allows the doctor to properly investigate what is going on.

After checking out the insides of their patient, then the doctors can make their diagnoses. Collecting tissues helps, testing for diseases like anemia or cancer.

Once the doctor knows what they’re dealing with, they can further utilize an upper endoscopy Maryland to pass tools to the digestive system and remove anything harmful.

Are There Any Risks With an Upper Endoscopy Maryland?

Endoscopy is overall very safe. Rare issues like bleeding and infection can occur from removing tissue. Some of the worse infections though can be managed with antibiotics.

Slight tearing in the esophagus is possible. So often dilation is used to widen the food pipe to avoid this sort of complication.


Signs to look out for include fever, sharp chest pain, trouble breathing, black or dark stool and vomit, as well as difficulty swallowing.

How to Prepare

Consult with your doctor. Let then know about any medication you take or any chronic conditions you have. The know best and will likely have you lay off food and drink up to eight hours before your surgery.

The Procedure

This will only take about 30 minutes.

Now don’t be alarmed with the endoscope in your mouth. You may be required to swallow to help pass the camera down your throat. You will be unable to talk but can make noise and will have no trouble breathing.

There will also be slight air pressure to inflate your digestive tract and allow safer passage for the endoscope.


The timeliness of your results depends entirely on what the doctor was looking for. For example, they will know right away if you have an ulcer. But tissue sample tests will require a few days to get results form a laboratory.

Learn More About an Upper Endoscopy Maryland

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