Thryoid Gland Removal

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Thyroid Surgery Maryland

When the thyroid begins to produce too many hormones, the body can experience cysts, nodules, and harmful swelling which can leave doctors no choice but to opt for thyroid surgery Maryland.

The thyroid is an endocrine gland. And it can be important for regulating metabolism and other body functions. For example, the thyroid makes homers that carry tissues throughout the body. But like most things in life, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Why Should Somebody Undergo Thyroid Surgery Maryland?

Considering the thyroid is located in the throat, the nodules or tumors it causes can obstruct breathing and talking if not cancer.

Sometimes your autoimmune system is one step ahead and sends antibodies to get rid of the thyroid gland. This is called Grave’s disease.

These disorders can be treated with thyroid surgery Maryland, which removes either all or a portion of the gland. But there is more than one operations for doctors to consider.

Three Types of Thyroid Surgeries

Being a Lobectomy, Subtotal thyroidectomy and a Total thyroidectomy.

If the nodules or swelling doesn’t affect all of the thyroid then a Lobectomy is organized to remove one of the two lobes. Remaining lobe will be fully functional.

If a patient has been diagnoses with a condition called hypothyroidism (when their thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones), then a Subtotal Thyroidectomy removes the thyroid gland but allows for a small amount of functioning thyroid tissue.

If the entire gland is affected, a Total thyroidectomy lives up to its name and removes the thyroid in its entirety including the tissue. 

How Does the Surgery Work?

The patient will be administered anesthesia. The entire operation is generally about two hours long. The surgeon makes an incision over the thyroid and adeptly removes all parts of it, avoiding the surrounding nerves and glands.


Many experience a sore throat days out from surgery. But it is less than a couple weeks until the patient can return to their everyday activities, including intense exercise.

At the very worse, it is possible to develop hypothyroidism which doctors can prescribe drugs to balance out hormone levels. It could require some blood tests but nothing to be alarmed over.

Are There Any Risks?

Anesthesia can always be fickle. But thyroid surgery Maryland specifically is not known to do much, if any, damage. There is small risk of harm to the nerves connected to your vocal cords or the glands that provide calcium. Of course supplements are on hand to regulate calcium levels tac to normal.

Lear More About Thyroid Surgery Maryland

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