The Basics of Varicose Veins Columbia

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The Basics of Varicose Veins Columbia

Varicose veins in Columbia Maryland are a condition that affects many patients each and every day.

In some cases, they may simply be an eyesore, but in other cases, your veins may be painful, uncomfortable, and even affect the way you function in your everyday life.

Let’s uncover the basics of varicose veins, below.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are the veins beneath the surface of your skin that become swollen, bluish in color, and often appear on the legs and feet.

Are Varicose Veins Dangerous?

Although this vein condition may be painful, it is usually not a dangerous condition and is easily treated. However, whenever you notice changes in your veins it is important to schedule a consultation with a vein doctor who can monitor for any serious underlying health conditions.

Are Varicose Veins Preventable?

Although genetics may be a big cause for your varicose veins, there are measures you can take to prevent them such as the following:

  • Exercise on a regular basis to promote healthy blood flow.
  • Control your weight through healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Opt for loose clothing versus tight when possible.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time without rest.
  • Stop smoking if you are a smoker.
  • If pregnant, sleep on your left side to promote healthy blood flow.

How Do I Know if I Have Varicose Veins?

Symptoms of varicose veins include:

  • Dark colored veins on the legs, thigh, or calf.
  • Soreness, aching, or tenderness on the legs or feet.
  • Veins that are warm to the touch.

Get Treated for Varicose Veins Columbia Maryland

At The Vein Center of Maryland, we offer stellar vein services for all of our patients.

If you believe you may have varicose veins and would like to speak with one of our professionals, please do not hesitate to call and schedule a consultation today. (410)970-2314.