How to Prepare for Sclerotherapy in Laurel, MD

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How to Prepare for Sclerotherapy in Laurel, MD

Sclerotherapy Laurel

There are specific guidelines that you should follow when understanding how to prepare for sclerotherapy in Laurel, MD. 

By following these guidelines, you are setting yourself up for a stress-free sclerotherapy experience and healing process.

What is Sclerotherapy in Laurel, MD?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure where your doctor removes the spider and varicose veins most commonly found on your legs. 

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

During your sclerotherapy procedure, your doctor will inject a solution into each compromised vein to re-route the blood flow to your healthier veins. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Most patients can see the fading of their veins within a few weeks to one month.

How to Prepare for Sclerotherapy in Laurel, MD

The most important part of preparing for your sclerotherapy treatment is to first meet with a qualified and highly trained vein doctor. 

Be sure to discuss your complete medical history including prior vein treatments, recent sickness, allergies, history of blood clots, as well as disclosing all current medications. 

During this appointment, your doctor should be able to evaluate if you are a viable candidate for a sclerotherapy treatment. 

Who Does Not Qualify for Sclerotherapy?

Some patients may not qualify as a viable candidate for sclerotherapy. 

These individuals typically include those with a history of vein inflammation, diabetes, ulcers of the legs, and other vein issues. 

Other patients who will likely not qualify for sclerotherapy include expecting mothers, those with a prior radical mastectomy, a dialysis shunt, or for those who have experienced significant trauma to the hands, chest, or arms. 

The Day Before Your Appointment

Your doctor will likely recommend avoiding shaving or applying lotion to your legs for 24 hours before your sclerotherapy procedure. 

It is wise to pack a set of compression stockings with you to your visit and to plan to wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes. 

Schedule a Consult for Sclerotherapy in Laurel, MD

For more information on sclerotherapy or to schedule a consultation with a vein expert, contact our office online or call (410)970-2314 now.