How to Find the Best Vein Specialist in Phoenix, Maryland

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How to Find the Best Vein Specialist in Phoenix, Maryland

Do you have varicose veins on your legs that make you want to wear long pants year round? Do you have leg ulcers or an itchy or burning sensation in your legs? 

Did you know that there are simple, non-invasive procedures available for the treatment of these conditions with little to no downtime? Then you need a vein specialist in Phoenix, Maryland!

Check Qualifications

Finding a physician who specializes in leg vein treatments is the first step in correcting these problems. First and foremost, look for a board-certified physician with training in the latest vein treatments, such as laser therapy, sclerotherapy, and ambulatory phlebectomy. 

Also, look for a physician who is a member of The American College of Phlebology to ensure your physician is staying up to date on the latest treatment methods. Many of these procedures are done in an outpatient setting, are minimally invasive, and have little to no downtime.

Look for Specific Treatments from a Vein Specialist in Phoenix Maryland

Most of the treatments utilized by vein specialists are revolutionary and state of the art. Sclerotherapy is utilized in the treatment of varicose veins, where the vein is injected with medications that irritate the vein, causing it to harden and eventually vanish! 

Laser therapies can also be utilized to make varicose veins disappear. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes sound waves to eliminate varicose veins, giving your legs that flawless look we all love and desire.

Ensure Safety Is Their #1 Priority

Of course, safety and efficacy of any procedure should be the number one goal of any vein specialist. When researching your provider, look at how many years of experience and the number of procedures performed by the provider to give you an indication of what provider to choose. 

So, Where Can I Find the Best Vein Specialist in Phoenix, Maryland?

Look no further! With over 45 years of combined experience, Dr. Kumar and Dr. Harry can create a plan of care to get rid of those troublesome veins and give you smooth and flawless legs! Both physicians and their staff go the extra mile to ensure they are providing both efficient and safe care during treatment.

Consultations are free, so call 410-970-2314 and speak to one of our friendly staff about scheduling your appointment today!