5 Best Ways to Treat Vein Disease in Maryland

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5 Best Ways to Treat Vein Disease in Maryland

There are several ways to treat vein disease in the human body. While some are as simple as exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, sometimes procedures are a necessity.

And, if you are one of the 30 percent of men and women across the country who are suffering from vein disease it can be challenging to find relief during your day.

Keep reading to learn the basics behind the 5 best ways to treat vein disease.


One of the best ways to treat vein issues is through a dedicated exercise regimen.

Consistent exercise including swimming, spinning, or walking can help to direct your blood for a healthy flow throughout your legs.


Following a strict diet can also help. A potassium-rich diet has been found to improve the health of your veins.

Vein Mapping

Vein mapping from your local vein expert is a great way to evaluate the best treatment plan for your leg issues.

Vein mapping uses ultrasound technology to see just how large your diseased veins are and are usually performed alongside some sort of bypass surgery.

Laser Ablation

Endovenous laser ablation is a popular treatment option that can promote a quick healing process without requiring surgery.

During this procedure, your doctor will use a small catheter to deliver laser light energy to your damaged veins.


Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic treatment designed to obliterate spider veins or varicose veins–swollen blood vessels that patients often find unsightly.

When you undergo a sclerotherapy treatment your damaged veins are closed to redirect your blood to healthy veins.

Symptoms of Vein Disease

There are a few signs that you may be experiencing vein disease.

These signs include the following:

  • Bulging veins
  • Cramping in the calves or lower extremities
  • Visible leg veins
  • Throbbing in the veins

Schedule an Appointment to Treat Vein Disease in Maryland

If you believe that you may be experiencing symptoms of varicose veins or other common vein issues it is important that you seek the services of a board-certified vein professional in your area.

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