What is Edema and How Should it be Treated?

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What is Edema and How Should it be Treated?

A quick Google search for “leg swelling” may bring up a word you have not been introduced to before: edema. So, what is it and how should it be treated?

Edema of the legs, feet, or ankles can be due to many factors although vein disease tends to be the most commonly associated cause. 

How is Edema Diagnosed?

If you have noticed any swelling in your lower extremities, it is very important that you seek the services of a board-certified vein doctor who can best analyze your situation. 

Your doctor will look at signs of edema in your legs including the shininess of your skin, as well as depressions in the ankles. 

Dangers of Edema

When you have swelling, the fluid in your legs and feet passes into the surrounding tissue that if left ignored can worsen to promote an ulcer or even lymphedema

However, it’s not always a serious issue. In some cases, it may be a result of medication side effects, pregnancy, or more. 

Who is More Prone to This Issue?

There are certain risk factors that will make you more prone to developing edema including the following:

How is it Treated?

If your edema is due to a minor issue, simple lifestyle changes are the best way to combat the swelling including elevating legs whenever possible. 

However, for more serious issues, your doctor may recommend compression stockings, laser ablation or vein closure. 

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