Why Do My Veins Hurt?

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If you have noticed recent pain and discomfort in your legs, you may be asking yourself the question “why do my veins hurt?”

While it can be easy to shrug off this pain, it may be indicative of a more serious condition such as a blood clot.

If you are experiencing leg pain in Columbia, MD, you must seek immediate medical care by your local vein doctor.

Vein Issue Symptoms

Pain in your veins may be accompanied by a slew of other symptoms such as a feeling of heaviness, rash, swelling, skin discoloration, cramping and more.

You may also experience fever, fatigue or body aches.

More alarming symptoms which may indicate a very serious life-threatening issue are bleeding, breathing issues, sudden or intense vein pain, chest pain or lack-of or lessened pulses.

Why Do My Veins Hurt?

Vein pain can happen for many reasons.

However, the most common cause for vein pain is due to poor circulation, cellulitis or varicose veins.

How is Vein Pain Diagnosed?

The best way to understand why your veins hurt is to meet with a certified vein specialist.

Your physician will be able to assess your situation based on family history, the length and severity of your pain, and any current medications you may be taking.

Complications of Vein Pain

While most vein pain is indicative of poor circulation, there are more serious conditions that can lead to vein pain including the following:

·     Blood clot (DVT)

·     Adverse effects of medical treatments

·     Chronic vein insufficiency

·     Stroke

·     Heart attack

·     Restless leg syndrome

Do your Veins Hurt? Schedule a Consult for Varicose Veins in Columbia

If you are experiencing vein pain you must seek the services of a board certified vein expert such as those at The Vein Center of Maryland.

At The Vein Center of Maryland, we are dedicated to evaluating and treating your vein issues so that you can lead a more comfortable and healthy life.

To schedule a consultation for varicose veins in Columbia, MD, contact us online or call (410) 970-2314 today!