Why Me? 3 Reasons You May Develop Spider Veins and How to Treat Them

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Why Me? 3 Reasons You May Develop Spider Veins and How to Treat Them

Many individuals with spider veins try to hide their legs and may even avoid shorts, skirts and bathing suits.

These web like veins are usually not painful, but can be unattractive and bothersome nevertheless.

There are three main reasons some people get spider veins, but also options to prevent and treat them.

1. Genetics Plays the Biggest Role

The development of spider veins is largely due to a genetic predisposition to them. Genetics is the primary reason, that despite similar lifestyles, some people get spider veins while others do not.

Physicians also note that the likelihood of experiencing spider veins is influenced more by your mother’s side of the family.

However, the combination of genetics and environmental factors are what ultimately determines if, when, and to what extent a person develops spider veins.

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2. Prolonged Periods of Standing

Patients that are on their feet for much of the day are more likely to have spider veins on their legs and lower extremities.

Standing for an extended period of time increases pressure in leg veins and can decrease venous blood circulation.

3. Sitting and Crossing Your Legs Can Also Be Problematic

For individuals with desk jobs, sitting for long periods of time may be unavoidable. Physicians advise monitoring inactivity and standing up and walking around at least once an hour.

If patients are unable to leave a seated position, they should try to keep their legs elevated and uncrossed while sitting

Additionally, rotating your ankles while at your desk can be another way to promote blood flow and movement in your calf muscles, feet, and other veins.

Other factors that can contribute to spider veins are hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, trauma, and obesity.

If you identified with any or all of these contributing factors, do not despair. Sclerotherapy and laser treatments are effective ways to reduce spider veins.

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