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If you are tired of dealing with unsightly veins, you’re probably wondering about how much sclerotherapy costs in Maryland. There are many factors that go into determining what sclerotherapy costs in Maryland, so lets look at them.

Factors to Consider

As with most procedures, there are various factors that determine the price of your treatment. Some of these include:

  • Compression stockings
  • Provider fees
  • General anesthesia
  • Pain killers, if needed
  • Facility fees
  • Pre-op testing
  • Aftercare

Insurance Coverage sclerotherapy cost Maryland

While your insurance may pay for your consultation, they may not cover the cost of your procedure. Generally, sclerotherapy is considered a cosmetic procedure, and therefore, not covered. However, sometimes, if the treatment is medically necessary, insurance may cover a portion of the cost. The following symptoms may mean your procedure is medically necessary.

  • Burning
  • Aching
  • Skin ulcers
  • Throbbing
  • Heavy, tired legs
  • Changes in skin color and texture (indicates a lack of blood flow)

Sclerotherapy Cost in Maryland

If you don’t have insurance coverage, or don’t meet the medical necessity requirements, then you will be paying out of pocket for your procedure. Fortunately, many providers offer a payment plan to make treatment more affordable.

For spider veins, the average sclerotherapy cost in Maryland is between $350-500 per session. Keep in mind this price can vary greatly. Its also important to remember that its not uncommon to need more than one session, especially if both legs need to be treated. During your consultation, the provider can give you an estimate of the number of sessions you need.

Another thing to consider is which type of sclerotherapy you need. Some of the more advanced procedure can range from $2000-$5000. Costs will also vary depending on the number and size of veins being treated.

Sclerotherapy in Maryland

If you are ready to learn more about sclerotherapy, please contact the Vein Center of Maryland today to schedule a consultation.