7 Signs You Need to Visit a Vein Specialist in Ellicott City

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7 Signs You Need to Visit a Vein Specialist in Ellicott City

You might think varicose veins are simply aesthetically unpleasing, but the truth is there may be more to your vein problems. Over 30 million Americans have venous disease, yet only around 10% actually seek treatment. So, how do you know it’s time to see a vein specialist in Ellicott City, MD? If you have any of the signs below, you should.

Reasons Why You May Need a Vein Specialist in Ellicott City

While there are some leg concerns that are purely cosmetic, others sometimes may be indicative that you need to visit a skilled and experienced vein specialist in Ellicott City. Find out 7 of the most common reasons below.

1) Bleeding Varicose Veins

To stop bleeding if you bump or otherwise injure your varicose veins, you should raise your leg and apply direct pressure. If bleeding persists, it’s time to get help. 

2) Chronic Itchy Skin / Veins

Constant itching can drive a person crazy! If you feel you can’t find relief from it, then it’s time to see a vein specialist in Ellicott City, Maryland because it may be a sign of vein disease. 

3) Twisted / Gnarled Veins

One of the most common signs of varicose veins or venous insufficiency is twisted or gnarled veins. It’s more common with women than men. 

4) Persistent Pain

If you have venous disease, you’ve probably noticed prolonged persistent pain when standing or sitting. Exercise like walking can help increase blood flow and relieve pain. However, if this doesn’t help, then it’s time to seek treatment. 

5) Swelling

Another common sign of varicose veins is swelling. Seeking treatment from a vein specialist is important, as they also diagnose vascular conditions related to vein swelling. 

6) Discoloration

If you see red/darker skin,  that is thick, hard or scaly, swelling or venous leg ulcers don’t delay treatment. This is a sign that blood is pooling and not flowing back to your heart. 

7) Discomfort

Experiencing burning, throbbing, heaviness, or pain in your legs? This could be a sign of a blood clot and indicates you need medical treatment. 

Look No Further Than The Vein Center of Maryland for the Best Vein Specialist in Ellicott City, Maryland!

If you are experiencing any of these seven symptoms or have other vein concerns, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our vein specialist in Ellicott City, MD, as soon as possible. Contact us at 410-465-1091 today!