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August 15, 2022
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August 22, 2022

Is leg pain putting on a damper on your life? Its time to speak to a leg pain specialist in Ellicott City. A leg pain specialist can help you find the cause of your pain and discuss treatment options with you.

What Causes Leg Pain

Leg pain can be a symptom of circulation issues or cardiovascular problems. If you are experiencing leg pain, restless legs, swelling, or varicose veins, you need to speak to a leg pain specialist in Ellicott City.

Leg pain can be a symptom of many conditions.


Peripheral artery disease causes arteries in the legs to narrow and harden. This limits blood flow to the legs and feet. If left untreated, it can lead to amputation.

Venous insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency occurs when the valves in your veins are too weak. The blood pools in the veins instead of returning to the heart. This can cause varicose veins, spider veins, leg ulcers, leg edema, and puts patients at a higher risk of venous thrombosis.

Venous Claudication

Venous claudication occurs when the leg feels pain or freezes during exercise. You may have blood flow restriction in the deep venous system. This can be a result of deep venous thrombosis, which occurs when blood clots forms in the deep veins in your body. If you have this condition, you likely experience chronic swelling and pain.

Arterial Insufficiency

Another possible cause of leg pain is arterial insufficiency. This usually indicates arterial claudication, which results in a lack of blood flow to the muscles. Symptoms of arterial insufficiency include:

  • leg pain while walking
  • calf muscles tightening and cramping while walking
  • loss of hair on the feet
  • thickened toenails
  • redness in the feet while feet are hanging down
  • whiteness in the feet when feet are elevated

Treatment from Leg Pain Specialists in Maryland

The treatment you need will depend on what is causing your leg pain. The first step is to schedule a consultation and let a leg pain specialist in Maryland do an exam and evaluation. To get started, contact the Vein Center of Maryland today to schedule a consultation.