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FAQs: Sclerotherapy | Columbia Maryland

Perhaps the most popular treatment option for vein disease across the country is a treatment called sclerotherapy. Columbia, Maryland doctors at The Vein Center of Maryland perform this treatment daily and they are here to offer their answers to all of your burning questions.

What Happens During a Sclerotherapy Treatment?

During a treatment session, a small needle is placed into the damaged vein and the vein is injected with a substance that prompts the vein to collapse and seal.

Once the vein has collapsed, blood can re-route to healthy, more viable veins for efficient flow.

What is in the Sclerotherapy Solution?

The solution that is injected into the damaged veins may be comprised of sugars, salts and detergents depending on the profile of the patient. The solutions are all very safe when administered by a professional such as those at The Vein Center of Maryland.

How Long Does a Sclerotherapy Treatment Take?

Treatment sessions are generally short, falling anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

Will Sclerotherapy Completely Cure My Vein Issues?

Most patients report between a 70-75% improvement in the appearance of their leg veins after sclerotherapy.

Are Results from Sclerotherapy Permanent?

You should expect your results to last long-term. However, new areas of damaged veins may develop over time and sclerotherapy does not prevent new veins from showing up in other areas.

What are the Risks of a Sclerotherapy Treatment?

It is rare to experience complications following a sclerotherapy treatment. However, some patients may experience a darkening of the skin which occurs in roughly 1% of all patients.

Other less common side effects include skin ulceration, blood clots, or allergic reaction all of which are easily managed by a professional vein doctor.

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