Does Stress Cause Varicose Veins?

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Stress and anxiety can cause havoc in your mind and body, but does stress cause varicose veins? Stress is known as the silent killer and impacts over 75% of adults in America. While stress doesn’t technically cause varicose veins, it can definitely worsen your vein symptoms. It is crucial to keep your stress under control, for your vein health and your overall health.

How Stress Contributes to Varicose Veins

does stress cause varicose veins


There are many ways in which stress can contribute to varicose veins forming or worsening. First is increased blood pressure. When you are stressed, your body increases blood pressure. This can place extra strain on your veins, making them more likely to bulge.

Next, we have weight gain. Stress often leads to unhealthy eating habits which contribute to weight gain. Excess weight puts more pressure on your veins. This makes varicose veins worse.

Higher stress levels typically mean less exercise. Since exercise is important for keeping your veins healthy, reduced activity can make varicose veins worse.

Finally, stress often leads to poor sleep. When you don’t rest well, your body produces more cortisol which can damage your veins and make it more likely for varicose veins to form.

Does Stress Impact Circulation?

Circulation is the biggest problem you will face with stress and vein health. Stress causes blood pressure to rise, which increases the pressure on your veins. If your stress is long-term, you aren’t giving your veins any relief from this additional pressure.

The more stress you have, the more pressure builds. Your veins may be struggling more and more to pump the blood back up to your heart. This can cause blood to pool and form varicose veins. If this continues, the legs will begin to swell and ache.

Does Stress Cause Varicose Veins?

While stress alone won’t cause varicose veins, it absolutely impacts the factors that lead to varicose veins. While your first step should be to try and reduce and manage stress levels, if you are worried about varicose veins, please contact the specialists at Vein Center of Maryland today.