What Are Spider Veins?

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January 29, 2018
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January 29, 2018

If you’ve ever noticed your veins getting blue and webby, then you’ve most likely suffered from spider veins at some point.

They can be a displeasing cosmetic issue for many, and sometimes individuals choose to cosmetic treatment to get rid of them. But what causes them, and are they dangerous?

Spider Veins Are Not Dangerous

Spider veins are not a dangerous medical issue. Spider veins are caused by some form of venous insufficiency. Because veins have to work hard to fight against gravity, weakness of the veins can lead to poor circulation, which leads to pooling of the blood and engorgement of the blood vessels.

Spider veins are when the capillary veins become engorged. They appear to the patient as webs of blue or purple.

Unlike varicose veins, however, which often co-occur with achy, painful feet and other, larger medical issues, spider veins are generally safe.

Spider veins and varicose veins tend to occur independently of each other. While both occur due to some form of venous insufficiency, they may have different pathologies. If a patient happens to have both varicose veins and spider veins, varicose veins should be treated first for the patient’s health.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sclerotherapy to Get Rid of Spider Veins?

For patients unhappy with their spider veins, sclerotherapy is always an option. Sclerotherapy is the injection of spider veins with a solvent that causes the veins to naturally collapse.

Counterintuitively, this helps circulation by causing the body to reroute blood flow through more efficient veins.

Hormonal issues can lead to venous insufficiency, which in turn can cause spider veins. Women will tend to develop spider veins at a slightly higher rate than men.

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