Obesity and Leg Veins: Is There a Connection?

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December 18, 2019
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Obesity and Leg Veins: Is There a Connection?

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Determining what the connection between obesity and leg veins is can be difficult, as there are many reasons for blood to pool in the legs.

According to recent reports, nearly 100 million Americans are now obese. This number has been steadily climbing over the past 10 years, which means that more and more individuals are at risk for a variety of health issues, such as vascular disease and leg veins.

Continue reading to learn all about the connection between obesity and leg veins, including how it affects diagnosis and treatment and how individuals can reduce their risk and associated symptoms.

What is the Connection Between Obesity and Leg Veins?

When it comes to obesity and leg veins, there is a clear connection.

In fact, excess weight is one of the key risk factors for the development of varicose veins. That’s because extra pounds, especially around the abdomen, increase venous pressure and compress vein walls. As a result, veins are likely to become stretched, dilated, and bulging.

Does Obesity Complicate Leg Vein Diagnosis and Treatment?

Obesity can also complicate the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease and leg veins.

More specifically, adipose tissue has the potential to obscure issues during both physical examinations and diagnostic imaging. Thin layers of fat may also interfere with image-guided vein treatments.

Consequently, it is important for individuals who are concerned about obesity and leg veins to seek a vein specialist who has the skill and experience to properly to address these challenges and ensure optimal outcomes.

Can Losing Weight Reduce the Risk of Leg Veins?

Losing weight can definitely help prevent the formation of leg veins. It will also reduce venous pressure and alleviate associated varicose vein symptoms, including aching, throbbing, swelling, heaviness, and skin discoloration.

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