Microphlebectomy for Varicose Veins

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Varicose Vein Treatment Maryland

Microphlebectomy offers patients in Maryland a safe, effective and minimally-invasive solution for damaged and dilated leg veins.

Are you bothered by the appearance of blue or purple bulging veins in your legs? Do you experience leg heaviness, throbbing, aching, swelling, or other uncomfortable symptoms associated with varicose veins?

If you answered yes, then you are not alone. In fact, 30% of Americans are affected by varicose veins.

Continue reading to learn all about microphlebectomy in Maryland, including how it works, what to expect from the procedure, and treatment benefits.

Here’s what you need to know about microphlebectomy for varicose veins in Maryland.

What is Microphlebectomy?

Microphlebectomy is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to eliminate superficial varicose veins without invasive or painful surgery.

The treatment can be completed in the comfort of your doctor’s office in 30-60 minutes, with an excellent safety profile and success rate.

How is Microphlebectomy Performed?

Microphlebectomy for varicose veins begins with a thorough cleansing of the treatment area. A local anesthetic will then be injected to numb the skin and improve patient comfort during the procedure.

Next, small incisions are made around the varicose vein, and an instrument with a hook is inserted to capture and remove the damaged vein.

Finally, bandages are applied over the incisions, and patients are placed in compression socks or stockings.

Is There Any Downtime After This Procedure?

Patients are free to resume all normal activities 24 hours after undergoing microphlebectomy. However, they will need to wear compression stockings for 2-3 weeks post-procedure and avoid strenuous exercise for 2 weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Microphlebectomy for Varicose Veins?

Microphlebectomy for varicose veins is a safe, effective alternative to invasive surgery, and it requires little to no downtime.

Plus, this varicose vein treatment boasts a 90% success rate and achieves a lower rate of recurrence compared to sclerotherapy.

In fact, the rate of recurrence following treatment is 2%. While the rate of recurrence after sclerotherapy is 25%.

If you are bothered by varicose veins and want to improve the way that your legs look and feel, please contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and experienced vein specialists.