Strawberry Legs: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

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Strawberry Legs: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris

What are strawberry legs? They’re not as sweet as they sound!

When your legs get those darkened pores and small bumps, you might have trouble baring them at the beach.

What Causes Strawberry Legs?

The crazy thing about Strawberry Legs is that any number of things can cause them. The problem is there are more than a few conditions that lead to the same appearance–bumps and dark pores on the legs.

So what are some of these different causes? These can be Keratosis Pilaris, Folliculitis, or even just razor burn.

For most people it’s Keratosis Pilaris. A protein called keratin protects your skin from infection and all sorts of ills. The problem is that when too much of it builds up, it plugs up your hair follicle. Dry skin in particular is a precursor to keratin buildup.

Keratosis Pilaris isn’t a disease. It’s perfectly safe, even if it’s a little bit unaesthetic.

If your Strawberry Legs are caused by Folluculitis, this can be a bit more of a problem. The condition refers to the inflammation of hair follicles, caused from anything to bacterial infection to ingrown hairs.

If your problem is Folluculitis it is definitely worth exploring laser hair removal treatments at the Vein Center of Maryland.

So What Can I Do About Strawberry Legs?

One thing that goes a long way in prevention is simple exfoliation. After all, it’s the clogging of pores, generally, that can cause the condition. A number of commercial exfoliation products exist, and home remedies such as baking soda and buttermilk or salt and milk can also be effective in scrubbing your body down for excess dead skin.

In the case of Folliculitis, taking steps to make sure you’re using a sharp razor can help prevent ingrown hairs–a common precursor to Folliculitis.

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